Sometimes they CAN surprise you.

I woke up this morning to find out that – once again – the children had gotten into my stuff.  My groceries.

The way they act, you’d think that I’m always buying myself food and buying nothing for them.  In reality, it’s exactly the opposite.  95% of what I buy is for the kids and the husband.  But just recently I decided that I wanted to start eating more fruit and veg.  I used to eat it all the time, when I was younger and still lived with my grandmother/mom.  Even in my early adulthood, she would buy enough groceries to feed both herself and me (and any children I had at the time – I spent my early 20’s moving in and out of her house more times than I care to admit).  I realized I’d been eating too much junk – crisps and cookies and the like – but not because I really wanted them.  I was eating them because I was hungry but couldn’t be bothered to actually make anything – so I’d grab the only thing I could just grab and eat.  Junk.

So the idea was to buy a bunch of fruit and veg, and anything that needed to be cut up or washed or whatever I would do the day I bought it, so then for the rest of the time I’d have healthy food I could just grab and eat.  Money’s been tight the last few days, however, so I only bought myself some grapes.  Healthy, and something I can just grab and eat.

But apparently the children have decided that I’m not allowed to have anything to myself.

I buy them tons of apples and bananas every week – on top of all the “junk” (cookies and crisps).  They get a banana in their cereal (or with toast) for breakfast and they’re allowed to have as many apples as they want during the day to snack on.  But I go out and buy one – just one – thing for me, and of course, they have to take it.

So, needless to say, my day didn’t exactly start out very nice.

But then my 10 year old asks if she can go to the shop.  “I’ve still got 15 pence left,” she says to me.  So I figure she’s going to buy herself some sweets or something.

She comes back with a new package of grapes for me.

I couldn’t stop saying thank you.  It wasn’t just the grapes.  It wasn’t what they took, it was the fact that it was the one and only thing I’ve bought for myself in nearly a week, and they have to go and take it.  So for her – at that age – to go out and replace it, using her own money, was a big deal.  It truly was the thought that counted.  If she’d come back with 5 grapes, I would have been just as grateful.

So her one gesture took my day from being crappy – because, let’s face it, I would have been in a really bad mood all day – to actually being okay.

Now once Hubby’s home, I’ll be even better.  He hasn’t been able to call me (no reception), so I don’t actually know if he’s okay or not.  I’m sure he is, but once I know for certain I’ll be able to stop worrying about the “what ifs.”


~ by nuckingfutz on September 23, 2007.

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