Exercise and Depression: my plan of action.

Okay, so there is a lot of information out there that says that exercise can help relieve the symptoms of depression.

And, let’s face it: my weight affects my depression.  If I weren’t overweight, that would be one less thing to be depressed ABOUT.  (Granted, it wouldn’t make my depression go away, but at this point, every little bit is going to help.)

And since we’ve moved, we’re very close (we’re talking a 5-minute walk) to the Raich Carter Sport Centre.  I had noticed a poster on the wall at the kids’ school, where it said something about yearly memberships being only £11.  What?!  Yearly memberships for the leisure centre in town are wayyyy more than that!

So on Friday morning, I stopped over there to get a little more information.  It turns out that since we live in the area, yearly memberships are actually £FREE!!!  Now that does mean that I would have to pay to use the gym every time I come in, but it’s at a reduced rate.  I could pay more (£26 a month) and not have to pay every time I went in there, but to be honest, I’m not really sure that we can afford that right now.   But to use the gym it’s only £2.70 each time.  And I really would only want to use the weight machines.  If I want some cardio, I can just walk over to one of the 3 parks in the area and walk around.  Or, hell, just walk down the street.  I used to do that, years ago, when I was trying to lose weight before (then I got pregnant, and that idea went right out the friggin’ window).  And it worked.  The problem is motivation.

But I think I got my motivation on Thursday afternoon.  I went to the local pharmacy because I needed to pick up a few things, and they have a scale that only costs 5p to use.  So I dug out a 5p piece.

I really wish I hadn’t.

I hadn’t thought I’d gained weight, but obviously I have.  I don’t want to say exactly how much, but let’s just say it’s the most I’ve weighed in 8 years.  And even then, I’d gained 30 lbs. after Hub first came to the U.S. (going out to eat EVERY SINGLE DAY will do that to ya).  Needless to say, I was on the verge of tears for the rest of the day.  Hell, if I’m honest, just writing about it now makes me want to cry.  I really don’t know how I gained this weight.  I had actually thought that moving into this house would make me lose weight – hell, having to walk up 4 flights of stairs several times a day??  I thought it was a sure-fire way to make me lose some more weight.  But I guess I was wrong.

The really upsetting part?  I hardly eat.  I don’t eat breakfast or lunch most days, and I really try to make healthy meals for dinner – at least as healthy as our budget will allow.  The sad fact is that the UNhealthy food fits into our budget better than the HEALTHY food.  And every single time I try to buy myself some healthy food so that I have something good (as in good for me) to eat in the house, the kids go and take it.  So I really don’t understand how I gained all this weight.  But I can’t deny that I have – the evidence was staring me in the face on Thursday afternoon.

So sometime either Tuesday or Wednesday (it all depends on how much time I have on Tuesday, because I need to do a ton of shopping that day – it’s one of our bi-monthly paydays), I’m going over to Raich Carter armed with all the info I need to sign up for my membership.  The one thing I do have to pay for is an induction (where they show you around and stuff), but again, because we live in the area, instead of paying the £30 they usually charge, I’ll only have to pay £10.

I really wish we could win the lottery.  I’d be over at that gym every single day if we did.  I’m the kind of person where, if I pay for something, I’m damned well sure going to get my money’s worth.  I used to belong to a gym back in the U.S., and I went every single day after work… until I got pregnant.  I would have kept going, but they wouldn’t let me without a doctor’s note, and it took me a good 3 months to be able to get in to see the doctor (busy doc), and by that time I was like “forget it.”

I just hope we can afford for me to go at least a few times a week.  I know myself, and if I can keep going, I WILL keep going.  I’m like a ball rolling down the hill.  Once I get the momentum going, there’s no stopping me.  It’s just the getting started I have trouble with.


~ by nuckingfutz on October 7, 2007.

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